Is The Smith Forefront The Safest Helmet Money Can Buy?

We are always looking at new and exciting gear. I think they call it a gear head, or something of the like. Either way, gear and bike gear is our passion. So, when we come across a great piece of gear, share. The Smith Forefront has been creating some huge buzz in the biz ever sense we first got our hands on it late last summer. It is touted as being 30% safer then the CPSC standard (Consumer Products Safety Commission), found in every helmet on the market. Couple that with the fact that it might also be the most comfortable brain bucket we’ve sported in a hot minute and you get one very legitimate piece of head gear. However, the old adage is true, you get what you pay for. The Forefront has a sticker price of $220, which for a helmet is about double what was expected in the past. But as it is so eloquently put in a recent article from Teton Gravity’s column: The Goods, “If you’ve got a 10-dollar head, buy a 10-dollar helmet”.

“First off, all helmets sold in bike stores are certified to the CPSC standard (Consumer Products Safety Commission), which is the same as the ASTM standard. There is also a Snell standard, which is a bit more stringent, but it is seldom used. So, for the most part, just buy one that fits.” – TG

“Regardless, the question is whether you’ll pay 50% more (ish) for that extra 30% of safety in a high velocity crash. And, well, frankly, the helmet does look really sexy. Now, for anybody just riding along, 30% ‘more safe’ is hard to quantify. What does 30% mean? Helmets are not valuable all the time, but that ONE time when shit goes sideways, they’re the definition of priceless. Flying though the air, head headed straight for a rock–that’s when spending money on a ‘safer’ helmet makes perfect sense.” – TGR


“The Forefronts AEROCORE™ construction featuring Koroyd® creates a low volume helmet with ventilated protection that fully integrates with your sunglasses, goggles, light, or POV camera. Available with MIPS.” – Smith

Koroyd Honey Comb - Pic:

Koroyd – What?

An engineered thermoplastic honeycomb comprised of a co-extruded polycarbonate (PC) for energy absorption. This structure provides uniform mechanical properties due to its circular cell structure, and offers high compressive strength in a low-density material, decreasing transmitted force and peak g-force acceleration. AKA, it’s safe, it’s light and it’s breathable. The honeycomb technology allows there to be uniform coverage the helmet over, and as most of the material is actually air, the helmet is incredibly breathable. This is a big leap from the conventional helmet design of the last half a decade. Most if not all helmets are made of styrofoam, yes the material the takeout comes in. It is a good material applied to helmet tech as it has absorption and light weight qualities that make it ideal. However the only way to vent it is to cut a hole in it, leaving you head exposed. This is the reason that there is little safety advantage in purchasing a pricy styrofoam helmet over a not so pricy option. However all that has changed with the Koroyd® tech used in the Smith Forefront. And the thing is damn cool looking to boot.

How the Koroyd Vents - Pic:

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